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Montessori Discs Post Box

Montessori Discs Post Box

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Take early childhood education to the next level with our Montessori disc post box which includes coconut shell discs. This beautifully handcrafted post box is made from premium quality materials, including sustainable coconut shells, and is inspired by Montessori educational philosophy.

The box features a slot for children to post the discs and discover it in the drawer below. This toy promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and early problem-solving skills. The unique texture and natural finish of the coconut shells add a touch of tropical charm to your child’s educational resources and makes it an eco-friendly choice. Whether used for imaginative play, sensory exploration, or as a tool for learning, the Montessori Disc Post Box with Coconut Shell Discs is a unique and educational toy that is sure to inspire your child’s learning.

Approx dimensions: 13x12x13cms. Weight: 1kg.