the manifesto

I Have Time

We embrace time – & its power to infuse joy into the everyday chaos of parenthood. Through diaper changes and sleepless nights, we choose joy, cherishing every giggle, each messy art project, and the warmth of tiny hands in ours.

We nurture growth, evolving alongside our children, gaining strength through challenges and wisdom from stumbles.

We uphold resilience, for parenting is not without its trials. In the face of adversity, we find strength, and in our mistakes, we uncover wisdom.

We foster dreams, nurturing both our little ones and our aspirations, using time as our canvas to paint a future filled with purpose.

We prioritize connection, savoring moments of pure presence in a world of distractions.

Balance is our dance: moving between work and play, tears and laughter, nurturing ourselves to care better for others.

Memories become treasures, etched in bedtime stories and family adventures. As time passes, we know that memories remain.

Hope fuels our journey, embracing the boundless possibilities that each tomorrow brings, passing on this optimism to our children.

We make space for "us", partners, friends, and others, understanding that together, we are stronger.

Above all, we embrace time as our ally, allowing us to focus on what truly matters – love, laughter, growth, dreams, and each other, ensuring a life overflowing with love and purpose.