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3 PLE Car

3 PLE Car

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This amazing toy is proof that the whole is more than the sum of its parts! The three solid wood cars with different shapes and sizes are supposed to be stacked in different arrangements while keeping the wheels touching each other, by doing so you will see that when you push the cars the movement of one wheel is transferred to the next by the simple principle of friction. This action is a good example of the law of cause and effect, one wheel moves the next but it does so in the opposite direction (This toy is practically Newtonian!).

To accentuate this effect we have created a series of patterns inspired by clean and colorful modernist compositions and the rich palettes we used for the wheels complement the simple primary colors of the car bodies.

This toy has the intention of being a flexible system. kids can play with the pieces separately and get stimulated by the colors and shapes or they can explore the endless possibilities that stacking them up provides.

Age: 2