The Ohana Krate

This is your invitation to slow down, savor moments, and foster deeper connections with the ones you love most.

Take a Peek Inside The Krate:

Modern Sprout

Pollinator Habitat

Watch the wonder light up in your kids' eyes as they discover the magic of gardening! This Pollinator Habitat from Modern Sprout brings the joy of micro gardening to life with ease—just add water and let the adventure begin. Experience the delight of seeing your little ones marvel at nature's wonders, all while cultivating a deeper connection to sustainability. Elevate mealtime with nutrient-packed microgreens and cherish intentional moments with your family.

Market Price : $28 CAD + shipping

Made By Bees Limited

DIY Beeswax Food Wrap Complete Kit 

Try this unique do-it-yourself beeswax wrap kit! Whether you're a wrap-making beginner or a seasoned pro, this kit is for everyone. Inside the package, you’ll find organic cotton fabric with whimsical patterns, including the iconic "Queen Bee, stir stick, brush and step-by-step instructions in English and French.The Beeswax Formula is a proven blend, essential to making quality, versatile, and long-lasting food wraps. Don’t toss the left-overs! Use it to freshen up your wraps later!

Market Price : $24 CAD + shipping

Written by Alison Buxton,Bell Helen

The Extraordinary Book that Invents Itself

Now, this is a fun one! Imagine a project book that's not just read but transformed into 30 amazing inventions, right before your eyes. From rockets to bionic hands, each page bursts with wonder as your child brings creations to life. With simple instructions and household items, it's perfect for bonding over moments of discovery. Embrace the joy of innovation and shared experiences with your little inventor!

Market Price : $25 CAD + shipping


Strawberry Shortcakes Baking Kit

Let's cook up some fun with Raddish! Each kit is a culinary adventure, featuring a favorite 12-step recipe, a handy culinary tool, and access to an exclusive cook-along class led by a Raddish Culinary Coach. Get ready to delight in the kitchen while honing culinary skills and boosting confidence. From baking fluffy biscuits to chopping seasonal berries, let's whip up delicious creations together!

Market Price : $21 CAD + shipping

Lake & Oak Tea Co.

Ashwagandha + Chill Tea Blend

Unwind with the Superfood Tea Blend: Your Perfect Ending to a Day of Delightful Moments! After exploring the garden, crafting with beeswax, and enjoying creative activities, it's time to savor a serene moment. Let the soothing blend of ashwagandha, passion flower, and chamomile guide you to tranquility. With each sip, feel stress melt away, leaving space for mindful reflection and cherished family time. Embrace the essence of slow living as you nurture your well-being and create lasting memories together.

Market Price : $18 CAD + shipping

A Special Note of Thanks

We just want to say a huge thank you for being part of our journey. Your support during this beta test phase of our Ohana Krate means everything to us. Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we gear up for our official launch later this year. With your help, we're excited to make it a success.


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Are the activities in the Ohana Krate suitable for a specific age range?

Our curated activities cater to various age groups, ensuring inclusive experiences for families with children of different ages. Each box contains diverse activities suitable for a range of developmental stages.

Can I customize the contents of the Ohana Krate?

Currently, our Ohana Boxes come as thoughtfully curated collections. However, we're exploring options for personalization in the future to enhance your family's experience. Feel free to puchase add-on items from our store & we'll ship those free with your Ohana Box!

What if I'm not satisfied with the contents of the Ohana Krate?

We strive for your family's utmost satisfaction. In the rare instance you're not fully delighted, please reach out. Your feedback is invaluable, and we'll do our best to make it right!

Are the items in the Ohana Krate eco-friendly or sustainable?

We're committed to ethical sourcing and mindful living. Many items in our Ohana Boxes are selected for their eco-conscious nature, promoting sustainability and responsible consumption.

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